Here’s Why We’re Mom-Approved

When Atlanta Parent asked their readers about their favorite oral health professionals, moms chose Dr. Hernandez! No surprise there. Dr. Hernandez is one of those people who leaves a positive impact everywhere he goes: that’s why parents bring their kids to his practice! Whether he’s doing a routine cleaning, explaining a procedure to a parent, offering advice or training to a staff member, or participating in a local charity effort like he so often does, Dr. Hernandez exemplifies what parents are looking for. He exudes professionalism, genuine care, experience, community connection, the ability to put children at ease, and integrity.

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Finding a Lifelong Family Dentist

Finding the right dentist is about so much more than crossing off “get teeth cleaned” on your to-do list! After all, you and your kids deserve more than just routine appointments and regular bills. The right dentist actually partners with you as a parent to protect your kids’ health, invest in their futures, and educate them in lifelong health habits. So what would this look like?

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Top Ways to turn Toothbrushing into a Game

Do your kids love brushing their teeth? Do they consistently remember toothbrush time twice a day? What a joke, right? Children are not known for their meticulous dental hygiene! Getting your children to brush their teeth regularly and thoroughly doesn’t have to be a nightmare, though. Here are some ideas to spark creativity and fun as you motivate those kiddos to form this lifelong health habit.Continue Reading

The Right Way to Brush Your Child’s Teeth

As a parent, you may have questions similar to these: When should I begin brushing my child’s teeth? When can they begin brushing alone? Is there a right and wrong way to brush?

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Vital Smiles Georgia Now Accepts AmeriGroup Insurance

Vital Smiles Georgia is proud to announce that we now accept AmeriGroup, a new Medicaid plan in South Georgia.

Adding AmeriGroup to our expansive list of accepted insurance options offers more flexibility to adult and pediatric patients in need of our expert dental care and services.
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Family Fun Nights at Albany Mall

Have Fun With Vital Smiles Georgia at Albany Mall’s Family Fun Nights!

Vital Smiles Georgia will be part of the fun at Albany Mall’s “Family Fun Nights” held throughout July in the Food Court.

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Tips for a Better Smile

Positive oral care and dental hygiene habits are the key to a better smile. Vital Smiles GA aims to provide excellent oral healthcare to children and families. We believe dental care should include life-long oral hygiene habits. Our offices in Albany and Norcross, Georgia, teach kids the importance of caring for their teeth, so they can have the best smile possible. Below, our dental team has compiled a list of top tips for a better smile.Continue Reading