Understanding Your Kid’s Oral Health

A healthy mouth is vital to success in school, self-esteem, and physical health –that’s why Vital Smiles Georgia is so passionate about developing good oral hygiene in kids. However, we cannot be with your kids every day to make sure they are properly caring for their teeth. We are counting on you as the parent or caregiver to partner with us to teach your kids good habits.

The following tips and articles will help you set up good habits for your kids:

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): : We answer your questions about Vital Smiles Georgia and about kid’s dental care.
  • For Parents: We provide the guidelines you need to ensure your kid has a healthy smile for life.
  • New Patient Forms: Forms for new Albany office patients to fill out.
  • Tips: Here you’ll find a list of tips to help you start your kid on the road to good hygiene.
  • Dental Terms: Here you’ll find a list of terms we use to make your kid feel comfortable at our office, with our dental tools, and with our procedures.
  • Quiz: Test your knowledge of kid’s dental care with our quiz.
  • How to Apply to Medicaid: How to Apply to Medicaid.