We understand that it can be difficult to motivate your children to take responsibility for their oral health. Below are a few tips to help instill good hygiene habits in your children:

  • Routinely talk with them about why good oral hygiene is important.
  • Make brushing fun by buying soft-bristled toothbrushes with their favorite characters on them.
  • Consider implementing a reward chart to track their daily brushing activity.

When you bring your children to Vital Smiles Georgia, we will continue your efforts of making oral hygiene a positive experience. Our practice is devoted to children under the age of 20, so our team has experience relating to and understanding children. At Vital Smiles Georgia, we:

  • Offer compassionate and gentle care to help your children overcome any anxieties regarding the procedures or instruments.
  • Use fun terms for our instruments to help create a safe and positive atmosphere.
  • Encourage you to use some of our terms to help familiarize your child with our terminology.

Vital Smiles Dictionary of Kid-Friendly Dental Terms

  • Bubbles or jelly: a fluoride treatment we apply during a pediatric teeth cleaning. This helps strengthen your child’s teeth
  • Electronic toothbrush: a motorized prophy brush used to clean your child’s teeth during check-ups
  • Mr. Bumpy: a slow-speed tool that helps remove decayed material from your child’s teeth and helps to prepare teeth for fillings
  • Mr. Thirsty: a suction straw used during cleanings and procedures to suck up excess liquid in the mouth
  • Prince Crown or Princess Crown: a chrome or porcelain crown sometimes used in dental restorations
  • Silver Star: a sliver filling, made from an amalgam of restoration material
  • Sleepy Juice: the anesthesia used for numbing the teeth and gums during procedures
  • Sugar bug: cavities, or dental caries, in teeth
  • Tooth camera: the radiograph equipment used to take X-rays of your child’s teeth
  • Tooth counter: the dental explorer used to examine teeth
  • Water Whistle: a high-speed tool that helps to remove decayed material from your child’s teeth