A filling is a material that replaces and restores a tooth structure that has been damaged by decay or fracture.

The knowledge of a cavity or as we like to call it, the sugar bug, often strikes fears into patients. That’s why we provide kids with a fun, comfortable experience that will leave them with little, if any anxiety.

Before we begin treatment, you kid will receive sleepy juice, the anesthesia that numbs the teeth and gums. Your kid should never feel pain during a procedure, and we will work to ensure that he or she is comfortable during treatment. We also offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to aid in making patients comfortable when needed.

We use one of two tools to treat a cavity and restore your kid’s tooth:

  • Mr. Bumpy, a slow-speed tool that removes the decay from your kid’s tooth and helps prepare the tooth for a filling
  • Water Whistle, a high-speed tool that removes decay from your kid’s tooth.

We then give your kid a silver star, or a silver filling made from an amalgam of restoration material. Your kid’s tooth should be as good as new after a filling.