Regular cleanings are an important part of maintaining good hygiene. You should schedule a cleaning for your child every six months to prevent and detect problems before they become more serious.

The cleaning process:

We start by using our tooth counter, a dental explorer in order to examine your child’s teeth. We may also use our tooth camera (X-ray machine) to get a better look. We want to make sure the sugar bugs (cavities) are nowhere to be found.

During a cleaning, we will use an electric toothbrush, a motorized prophy brush, to clean and polish all the surfaces of your child’s teeth. As we clean, Mr. Thirsty, our suction straw will suck up the excess liquid in your child’s mouth.

Afterward, we may apply bubbles or jelly, a fluoride treatment that will help strengthen your child’s teeth and keep them healthy.

Remember, through regular cleanings, we can keep the sugar bugs away and keep your child’s smile healthy for years to come.