Albany, GA Orthodontics at Vital Smiles Georgia

Good oral health can go beyond brushing, flossing, and dental checkups. Some people need orthodontics to properly space their teeth, correct jaw problems, and improve their overall smile.Vital Smiles Georgia helps patients achieve total dental health through regular dental cleanings and Albany, GA orthodontics. Our orthodontic services use traditional metal braces to help children straighten their teeth while they’re still growing.

Many people choose Albany, GA orthodontics to straighten their teeth and avoid the physical embarrassment from an unattractive smile. Poorly spaced teeth can cause jaw problems and bite issues, in addition to being more difficult to clean. Orthodontic treatment from Vital Smiles Georgia makes it easier for patients to clean their teeth, reducing the risk of gum disease and tooth decay. Listed below are some of the many advantages to correcting crooked or crowded teeth with Albany, GA orthodontics:

  • Correct jaw issues
  • Enhance oral function
  • Reduce stress on teeth, facial muscles, and jaw
  • Distribute tooth wear patterns evenly
  • Improve long-term health of teeth and gums
  • Guide permanent teeth into optimal positions
  • Reduce self consciousness from poorly spaced teeth
  • Improve face shape
  • Create an attractive smile

At Vital Smiles Georgia, we believe that all children should be able to access Albany, GA orthodontics. Our office accepts all types of insurance, including Medicaid and PeachCare for Kids. We also have other payment options if you’ve lost your dental coverage, your claim is denied, or if your child doesn’t qualify for orthodontic treatment support. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff members are happy to discuss your insurance coverage or any other financial concerns.

Albany, GA orthodontics can enhance a smile and help a child achieve self confidence. Schedule a consultation with the Vital Smiles Georgia orthodontic team, and discover the effect that braces can have on a smile. To schedule an appointment, contact our office now with our simple online form, or call our Albany staff at 229-432-9555. Vital Smiles Georgia welcomes patients from a variety of backgrounds to discover improved oral health and Albany, GA orthodontics.



We keep your child’s teeth sparkling clean with the help of our electric tooth brush (a motorized prophy brush). We then apply bubbles (fluoride) to keep his or her teeth strong.

Filling Cavities


We use fun tools like Mr. Bumpy (our slow speed drill) to remove decay. Your child will then receive a silver star (filling), and the tooth will be good as new.



Sealants are thin, protective coatings used to prevent tooth decay. They fill in the tiny grooves of the tooth surface so that brushing becomes more effective.



We use a tooth camera (X-ray machine) to take pictures of your child’s teeth. This gives us a better look at his or her smile. Our Digital X-rays are state of the art, limiting radiation exposure.